featuring ‘The Day Passed and the Sun Went Down’, ‘In the Living Room’, and “Put Up Your Hair”.


"In the Living Room"

Directed by Nelson Mouëllic. Made up from 1951 images taken during Canadian Thanksgiving in our living room.




March, 1987 - Jasper is born in Vancouver, Canada, the middle of four kids.

Summer, 1999 - Jasper attends a fine art camp and meets kids who play music. He leaves inspired and convinces his Dad to buy him an electric bass. 

2000 - Jasper forms his first band, Luckin Fuxury, with three of his friends. They exclusively play punk covers of their favourite songs. They write no orginal material. They do not perform publicly. During this period Jasper begins to write songs privately at home. 

2003 - Jasper gets his first guitar, continues to write.

2004 - Jasper gets his first job working at a drug store. He spends his first cheque on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder and starts recording music. 

2005 - Jasper starts University where he finds himself uninspired and unhappy. He continues to write and record. 

2007 - Jasper drops out and goes to Europe. Before leaving he compiles a collection of songs, makes 250 CDs, builds a stage in his back yard with his dad, calls up Luckin Fuxury, and hosts an album release show. The show lasts about a half hour. The band runs out of material and begins to repeat songs. Thankfully, the police arrive and shut them down. 

2007 - Three days later Jasper boards a one-way flight to Paris and commences on a backpacking trip that spans ten months, fifteen countries, and three continents. During this time he continues to write songs. 

2008 - While sitting on the ground in a park in Amsterdam under the influence of psilocybin, Jasper commits himself to music. He returns home and immediately begins writing, recording, and performing in earnest. 

2009 - Jasper meets Mark. Mark contributes banjo, lap steel, and bass to Jasper's music. Jasper also meets Stephanie who contributes violin. Later that year Jasper runs into his camp friend Graham at a Shell gas station. Jasper invites Graham to drum on his first album, Graham agrees and one month later Jasper, Graham, Mark and Stephanie record Jasper's debut album, Every Day and All at Once, at Vertical Studios with producer Tom Dobrzanski. The gang begins performing under the name Kiddo.

Summer 2009 - Jasper walks into a bar and meets John, who is playing the bar's piano. Jasper invites John to join the band, John agrees. 

Late 2009 - The band changes their name from Kiddo to Jasper Sloan Yip. The next day Jasper uploads his music to this new thing called the internet. The next morning he receives a phone call from CBC Radio 3 telling him he has won a contest. His music is immediately put into rotation on CBC Radio 3 and he is invited to tape a six-song Sessions podcast with his band at the CBC.

March 2010 - Jasper releases Every Day and All at Once. The album's second single "Slowly" reaches number 4 on CBC Radio 3's national chart. Jasper meets Marcus, a bassist. Marcus joins the band. 

Summer 2011 - The band goes on first Canadian tour. It goes pretty OK. The band performs at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, it goes great. Jasper is selected as a Peak Performance Project top 20 finalist. It goes OK. 

2012 - Jasper and the band continue to grow, perform, and tour. Generally speaking things go pretty well. 

Summer 2012 - Jasper meets Alex, a cellist. Alex joins the band. John leaves the band. Mark leaves the band. Jasper meets Owen, a keyboardist. Owen joins the band.

Winter 2012 to Spring 2013 - The band records their sophomore album, Foxtrot, with John Raham at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver. Later that year Jasper wins a $10,000 Best of BC award for his song "Show Your Teeth". The songs goes into high rotation on college stations and CBC radio 2 and 3, reaching number 8 on CBC Radio 2's national chart. 

Summer 2013 - The band tours across Canada. During this tour Devon joins the band, adding a second violin. 

2014 - Feeling burned out, Jasper goes back to university for a year. He enjoys his courses and does well in school. 

2015 - The band plays the Vancouver Folk Festival, literally a dream come true for Jasper. 

2016 - Jasper performs his first show in the United States at the invitation of Middlebury College in Vermont. Later that year the band records their third LP, Post Meridiem with John Raham at the new Afterlife Studios (formerly the legendary Mushroom Studios). 

May 2017 - Jasper and Devon tour Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It goes great. 

August 2017 - Jasper and long-time friend and collaborator Nelson drive Nelson’s 1960s Volvo Amazon down John Day Park in Oregon to film the solar eclipse. They spend three days in the bush and turn it into a music video for Jasper’s song “The Day Passed and the Sun Went Down”.

October 2017Post Meridiem is released via Afterlife Music, a small local label. Jasper tours Canada again. 

2018 Post Meridiem lands Jasper a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year. He does not win. 

Summer 2018 - Jasper joins one of his favourite local bands, Ponytails, contributing guitar, keys, and vocals. 

Fall 2018 Post Meridiem is reissued on vinyl. Another dream come true for Jasper. 

Currently - Jasper is quietly writing his next LP, playing select shows, playing with Ponytails, and generally trying to live his best life. 


“Self-taught Vancouver Musician Jasper Sloan Yip is one of the West Coast’s fastest-rising independent musicians.”  CBC Radio


“Folk, pop and rock elements coalesce seamlessly in the eloquent and gently melodic compositions of Jasper Sloan Yip.” New Music Canada


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