Jasper is born the middle of four children to Debra Sloan and Terry Yip in Vancouver, BC.


After meeting some musical people at a summer camp Jasper decides to learn an instrument. Thinking it will be the easiest instrument to learn, he buys an electric bass. He begins to write music and lyrics. 


Jasper forms a band, LF, with Graham, Joey, and Henry. The band writes no original material and does not perform. 


Jasper buys an acoustic guitar and continues to write music and lyrics. Jasper performs his first original song in public for a high school project. 


Jasper gets a job at a local drugstore. He spends his first cheque (about $240) on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder. Jasper begins to record music. 


After two unhappy years at University Jasper makes plans to go backpacking in Europe. Before leaving he compiles eight home recordings and two recordings he made with a local producer. Jasper plays his first show on a plywood stage he built in his backyard. It rains and the police shut it down. 

Three days later Jasper flies to Paris. His trip spans two hundred and ninety seven days and fourteen countries. During this time he writes continuously. One night under the influence of psilocybin, he decides to drop out of school to play music. 


Jasper comes back to Vancouver and performs constantly. He meets Mark, who contributes banjo, lap steel, and bass to Jasper's recordings and performances. Around this time he meets Stephanie, who contributes violin. 


Jasper reaches out to Tom Dobrzanski, who agrees to produce Jasper's first album. About six weeks before recording is scheduled to begin, Jasper runs into Graham at a gas station (an old friend from summer camp, not Graham from LF). Graham agrees to contribute drums to the album. Jasper, Graham, and Mark rehearse for four weeks and record Every Day and All at Once. Stephanie contributes violin on two songs. 

Jasper, Graham and Mark form Kiddo and begin performing around Vancouver under this name. Late one night Graham calls Jasper to tell him he dislikes the name Kiddo. They decide to release the album under Jasper's name. That night Jasper submits the music to CBC music. The next day CBC music calls Jasper. He has unknowingly won a contest and the CBC begins to play Jasper's songs. The album's second single, "Slowly", climbs to #4 on their chart. 


Jasper releases Every Day and All at Once. Stephanie joins the band. John joins the band contributing keys. Marcus joins the band contributing bass. Josh joins the band contributing drums when Graham cannot. 


Jasper goes on first Canadian tour with Mark, Stephanie, Marcus, and Josh. Many other good things happen for the band and Jasper is generally very happy. Mark leaves the band. John leaves the band. Owen joins the band contributing keys. Alex joins the band contributing cello. 


Jasper reaches out to John Raham who agrees to produce Jasper's next record, Foxtrot. Jasper and the band begin work on Foxtrot


Jasper and the band complete Foxtrot on his birthday. Foxtrot wins a few awards and receives (mostly) good reviews. Its first single, "Show Your Teeth" receives heavy national and international radio play and briefly cracks the CBC's top-ten. Jasper and the band tour Canada again. Devon joins the band contributing violin. 


Jasper takes a break from music and spends a year at university. Jasper enjoys his studies and does very well.


Jasper reaches out to John Raham again who agrees to produce Jasper's third album, Post Meridiem. Over the course of the summer and fall, Jasper, Graham, Stephanie, Marcus, Owen, Alex, Devon, and John and record Post Meridiem.


Jasper is preparing to release Post Meridiem later this year. In the meantime, he and Devon will be touring in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.